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Leadership is not learned or something you are born into. Leadership is gathering the trust and confidence of others to work for common goals. For leaders to be effective they have to learn leadership principles.

Going into your senior year is a great time to make an impact on those you leave behind in high school. Think of it as a building block to what you want to accomplish through college and through the rest of your life. Are you the one who likes to take charge and get the job done, or are you the one who has good ideas but never speaks up? Doesn’t matter, Camp RYLA is for you.

Though Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award), “Leaders of Tomorrow” have a forum for teamwork, communication, and consensus building in an environment that challenges personal and team responsibilities. Through cabin activities, athletic events, educational workshops, and team building exercises you will learn to work with other leaders in your community to achieve a common goal. This annual leadership summer camp provides almost two hundred outstanding high school student leaders opportunities to expand and hone their leadership skills in a weeklong program.

Are you ready to learn what it takes to be a true leader and change the world? Apply today and see how one week could change your life.   New attendees applications available in early February 2023.

For Current Campers accepted to attend RYLA 2023

Here is your link to complete your Camp Additional Information Form and Medical:     LINK

All students and a parent are encouraged to attend an orientation preview of this summer’s camp. You’ll be able to meet the Camp Director, alumni cabin counselors, assistant camp counselors (who were campers last year), and other adult members of our staff. Your Rotary club sponsor should be in attendance and we will have an enthusiastic group that will be able to answer all your questions.  Here is the list of meetings.  If you can make the one that corresponds to your sponsoring Rotary Club that is best but any meeting is acceptable.  The information covered is the same for each meeting.  If you did not make an orientation meeting take a few minutes and review the recording below.

  • RYLA 2023 Orientation Meetings  Dates and Locations Click Here (list available 4/10/23)
  • Recording of the Camp RYLA 2023 Student/Parent Orientation Meeting

Here are the two short Surveys we ask you to complete prior to getting to camp.

If you are having any issues related to your Medical Form or Additional Information form please email:   

( updated 2023 camp materials available April 10th ) 

  • What To Bring Brochure
  • Congratulations Letter from the Camp Director
  • Information Letter from the Camp Registrar
  • Camp Additional Information Form and Medical Flyer
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                2023 Camper Info

                       Camp Dates:    May 28  –  June 2,    2023

                enjoy these 2023 documents to learn more about the Camp program

  Check this out!!

Camp RYLA 2023: The Ultimate Leadership Experience (5-minutes) Click here

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