Day 7

November 18 | 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

R.L. Turner High School

1600 South Josey Lane | Carrollton, TX 75006

2 blocks south of Beltline and Josey Lane

Lunch will be provided!

Day 7 is the long-awaited “last day of camp.” After six consecutive days together in the summer, let’s reunite in late November for one more day of connection, reflection, and added training. Group activities and forward-leaning facilitations will prepare you for your final semester of high school and the transitions to life beyond.

The day will include keynote speakers,  individual breakout workshops, as well as RYLA alumni representing colleges and career paths at the career and school fair. Like all RYLA events, you know we will have a few surprises and a lot of fun!

Day 7 Cup – Your cabin group has multiple ways to earn points for the Day 7 Cup. Two areas for points include the cabin group with the highest attendance as well as submitting a MAD Talk from as many members as possible. There will also be other opportunities to earn points. The overall cabin group winner for the day will be treated to a cabin pizza party of their choosing.


                DAY 7 Info

                MAD Talk (Making a Difference)

We are interested in what you have been doing since camp to make a difference, potentially something you took away from your week at Camp RYLA. Are you “stepping out of your comfort zone?” Give us a 2 to 3-minute story/presentation telling the group how you are Making a Difference in your community, school, organizations, or whatever you feel shows how you are using what you learned at camp. Record on your phone, iPad, or computer.

Please encourage your fellow cabinmates to participate! We want to hear about your successes. Mad Talks contribute points toward the overall Day 7 CUP.

Click here for more a video with more info on Mad Talks

Click here to upload your videos to the RYLA account. Make sure and put your first and last name in the file of your video. Uploads need to be done by October 22nd.

Day 7 Schedule

8:30 – Check-in/Cabin Reunions

9:00 – Opening Segment

9:45 – General Session

10:15 – Breakouts

12:15 – Lunch and Live MAD Talks

1:20 – Breakouts Continued

2:15 – Committee Meetings

3:15 – Parents welcome and reception – Remind your parents/guardians they are invited to this!

4:15 – Closing with RYLArians, Parents and Committee Presentations

5:30 – College Connect event

6:00 – Really Done!

Need inspiration? View examples of what other RYLArians have contributed in the past:



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View and Download our RYLA students “Making a Difference” Video clips

Making a Difference – 2018 (RYLA 5810) click here

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