Other Programs

Over the course of thirty years of continuing excellence, RYLA has expanded far beyond a week of camp. With unmatched programming and community, Rotary District 5810 has a world-class, completely unique, year-round RYLA program, continually sharpening leaders who are here for the long haul.

RYLead, the newest addition to our programming, is a digital training platform that trains, encourages, and brings together the youngest leaders in our network. Designed for students who are completing their senior year of high school, the episode-based program is both challenging and engaging. Click here to learn more about RYLead.

The Advisory Committee is a select group of campers, chosen each year for a year-long program of added leadership training in preparation for their return to camp as Assistant Counselors.

Day 7 is the long-awaited “last day of camp.” After six consecutive days together in the summer, students engage with their communities and schools for a semester, then reunite in late November for one more day of reconnection, reflection, and added training. Group activities and forward-leaning facilitations prepare students for their final semester of high school, and their transitions to life beyond.

Winter Summit empowers college-age alumni to retreat together for a few days during their winter holiday. They receive next-level leadership training, reenergize long-held relationships, and network with new faces–and of course, have a ton of fun. Click here to learn more about Winter Summit.

The RYLAcast–a podcast for RYLA alumni, Rotarians, and anyone interested in leadership–has been in circulation since March of 2019. Hosts Greg Tepper (RYLA 2003) and Andrew “Josey” Utz (RYLA 2006) couple alumni interviews with discussion of vital characteristics of leadership, resulting in light-hearted conversations that also challenge, ground, and reassure.

RYLA Connect is a network of RYLA alumni and connected Rotarians who engage in personal mentoring relationships. From careers to families to personal development, RYLArians provide accountability and wisdom as they grow alongside one another.

RYLA U is a program establishing campus clubs of RYLA alumni at a number of colleges and universities. Individual clubs have plenty of personality power to develop a chapter that best suits their members, but community and service are always mainstays of these groups.

Scholarships are annually funded and awarded to a few honored Camp RYLA alumni and assistant counselors in recognition of their service to the camp program. Funding for these scholarships are funded by Rotary Clubs, alumni members, individuals, and contributions to the RYLA Foundation.