RYLA Foundation

We need your help to continue all the programs beyond just the Camp RYLA experience.  The many efforts of RYLA 5810  Foundation support and benefit our youth year-round in so many ways here in North Texas.

RYLA 5819 Foundation Logo 2020The RYLA 5810 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation founded in 2013 to provide support to all RYLA programs of Rotary International District 5810.  Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) is a week-long leadership program for high school juniors from the eight North Texas counties included in District 5810.

The mission of Camp RYLA is to provide intense, impactful leadership training for high school juniors so they can apply their improved leadership skills through service during their senior year and throughout life.

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 The establishment of the Foundation provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to provide income tax deductible financial support for the many programs of RYLA such as:

  • The Advisory Committee – a select group of campers chosen each year, following the regular camp program, invited for a year-long program of added leadership training in preparation for their return to camp as Assistant Counselors on the staff.
  • Camp RYLA Alumni Association – an organization open to all persons who have completed Camp RYLA and are interested in staying connected and supporting the program. In addition to providing many staff members for each year’s camp, they conduct a number of other programs and gatherings for alumni from all over the country and world.
  • RYLA Day 7 – a daylong Fall gathering of the previous summer’s campers for another day of reconnection, reflection, and added training. It is an opportunity for campers to reflect on what they learned in the summer and how it has improved their leadership and outlook. They participate in group activities and have an opportunity to hear from facilitators on a variety of subjects not covered during camp.
  • Winter Summit – empowers college-age alumni to retreat together for a few days during their winter holiday. They receive next-level leadership training, re-energize long-held relationships, and network with new faces–and of course, have a ton of fun. Click here to learn more about Winter Summit.
  • RYLead – (Rotary Youth Leadership Education and Development) –  the newest addition to our programming, is a digital training platform that trains, encourages, and brings together the youngest leaders in our network. Designed for students who are completing their senior year of high school, the episode-based program is both challenging and engaging. Click here to learn more about RYLead.
  • RYLA U – a program establishing campus clubs of RYLA alumni at a number of colleges and universities. It allows students to stay connected with other RYLArians and continue their leadership training and community service.
  • RYLA Connect – is a network of RYLA alumni and connected Rotarians who engage in personal mentoring relationships. From careers to families to personal development, RYLArians provide accountability and wisdom as they grow alongside one another.

Networking, Social and Professional Connections – available through the alumni database, an Alumni Association holiday gathering for fun and fellowship, and mentoring by alums working in their careers.

Students attending Camp RYLA are sponsored and paid for by Rotary Clubs. The creation of the RYLA 5810 Foundation allows Rotary Clubs with their own charitable foundations to disburse scholarships to Camp RYLA. Any contribution by a Rotary Club designated for specific Camp RYLA camper scholarships will be disbursed to Camp RYLA in the name of the club.

Each year Camp RYLA alumni and assistant counselors are awarded stipend scholarships in recognition of their service to the camp. Rotary Clubs and individuals, often in memory or recognition of specific club members, fund those scholarships. Those scholarships can now be funded by contributions to the Foundation.

Contributions to the RYLA 5810 Foundation can be mailed to 1610 Millview, Carrollton, Texas 75006.

For questions, please contact Foundation@ryla5810.org.