RYLead Module Two

October 18, 2020

Module TWO will concentrate on communication and why this is so important in any leadership role. In addition, we will hear from RYLArian Kat Kuzmeskas (alumni 2002) about her journey and challenges in leadership and communication with her own company.  We are also going to view all the cabin names, flags, and mottos.  Additionally, our judges will share the last minute updates on which cabin is currently leading in the Camp Cup race.

Module TWO Notebook Click HERE

Kat KuzmeskasRYLArian, Kat Kuzmeskas, is the founder and CEO of Tamarin Health, a digital healthcare company passionate about connecting patients, employers, and providers to the tools they need to attain optimal health. Right now, Tamarin is focused on providing the tools we all need to “live with” the novel coronavirus. From blockchain-based software that automates COVID-19 protocols and rapid diagnostic testing, Tamarin is hoping to make life a little easier as we manage through an unprecedented pandemic.

Kat is a 2003 graduate from Berkner High School, 2007 graduate of Austin College (AC), and attained a Master of Public Health in 2012.

Every day, she pulls on leadership lessons from RYLA, the AC Posey Leadership Institute, and Teach For America which were foundational for her career. What she appreciates most about running a company is the necessity to remain a scholar of leadership and relentlessly focused on improvement every day.

Module 2 Schedule

  • Main Program:    3 – 5 pm
  • Meet and Greet:     2:30 – 3:00 PM
  • College and Career Virtual Fair:    5:00 – 6:00 PM

Like all RYLA programs, we are going to learn some new things, develop and advance your leadership skills, accomplish personal goals, and most of all we are going to have a “heck of a lot of fun”.

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