Why nominate your students for RYLA?

Quality RYLA nominations help drive success on your campus. If your students could benefit from a peer who will act as a catalyst for change and ambassador for advancement, consider carefully who the best potential candidates are, and recommend them for a Rotary Youth Leadership Award, so they might attend Camp RYLA and help be the change they wish to see in the world. RYLA is a refining process; one that takes above-average students and pushes them to their limits, demanding excellence and compassion, character and tolerance. Students who attend RYLA come back to their schools and communities with a revived love for their peers, a new perspective for their world, and an unmatched energy for positive change. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity —give your students a chance to never be the same.

Who can be nominated?

Rotary Districts 5810’s RYLA is for students who have just finished their junior year of high school and are about the begin their senior year. Camp takes place in the summer between those two school years.

How are nominations made?

Each Rotary Club has a unique relationship with the school districts in their area. The best place to start is by finding a Rotary Club in your area that works with the scholarship program and contacting them directly.


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